Canadian Homes Sinking in Ecuador

Canadian Homes Sinking in Ecuador

Many Canadians are fighting proponents of a huge real estate project in Ecuador on the Pacific Rim. Water accumulates on the site, the sewers are deficient. New houses are sinking.

In 2016, La Bill presented a report on the Mirador San José , a real estate project started by Quebecers, with 1700 lots and 225 houses.

We said at the time that homeowners were at risk of losing money because the quality of the infrastructure was in question. The risks are confirmed, since studies clearly show that infrastructures are deficient.

Sam Leon is a Montrealer who wants to enjoy more and more of his country of origin, Ecuador. He decided to build a house near the Pacific Ocean in the Mirador San José project. He discovered last year, during his first visit to the site, that his home sank ten inches in the ground. Leon is keen to see the developers recognize the extent of the damage and fix the problem quickly.

Sewer problems

Of the 225 houses built in this real estate project, 29 collapsed. And 14 of them were built by Yves Cormier, president of Hola Équateur, a Trois-Rivières company that builds houses and sells land at the Mirador.

“The 29 moving houses were built by seven different builders who worked with different engineers and architects. All the houses lean towards the trench made by the Mirador San José “, laments Yves Cormier.

Each home has a septic tank, also referred to as the biodigester. The greywater that comes out of it is found in a trench, the equivalent of a septic field, as we often see in Quebec. According to Yves Cormier, the grounds are too small to accommodate this type of technology. Not to mention that the Mirador has installed the trench too close to the houses, while it must be five meters, according to the standards of the manufacturer.

Owners have sent us videos showing that storm sewers are not enough and that the soil is waterlogged during the rainy season, from December to April.

We gather with a lot of clay and mud in the streets. They are impractical and dangerous.

Stéphane Roulier, a Quebecker who lives on the site permanently

Already in 2016, a study commissioned by the Mirador concludes that the infrastructures are not viable and pose a risk for the environment. She recommends a sewer system connected to a water treatment center.

home owners abandoned the project

The Mirador was scheduled to begin work in early 2017. Nothing has been done yet.

The growl is so strong that the owners unite and denounce the lack of action of Mirador San José. Several of them, including Marc Deblois, criticize the current director, Danielle Charles.

The Mirador refused our request for an interview. In a statement, he said he had committed “no fault as to the houses made by crooked people who do not want to honor their guaranteed [ sic ] … or who does not respect [ sic ] the soil study”.

According to Yves Cormier, legal avenues are in progress, which will force management to move.

“I believe in the project. It’s about to end, as long as management does what it has to do, “he says.

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  1. Mr. Cormier seems to be hidding behind subcontractors in Ecuador to escape from his responsabilities & liability. But ultimately, he represents a Canadian company selling to Canadians. Wouldn’t property owners be better served by putting a lawsuit here in Canada?


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