“They Want Us To Go Home”

Maret Tsarnaeva is the Toronto resident aunt of both Boston Marathon bombing suspects, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Saturday she reported to the press the many frightening threats and horrific comments made Friday to her home in Canada.

She doesn’t understand why she is being barraged with such negative, offensive response when she has ultimately had no part in the two suspect’s lives or Sunday’s tragedy.

While still not believing such a devastatingly tragic deed was done by her two nephews, having known them all their lives, Tsarnaeva is wracked with pain in feeling she is now considered part of the whole conspiracy that unfolded during the celebratory marathon in one of the United States’ biggest athletic happening.

The last week’s unfolding of events has left her and her immediate family devastated, horrified, and confused. She has been called a conspirator, a plague, a loser. Based on information fronted most if not all Americans in the aftermath of 9/11, this seemingly calm, mature, and sane person of Chechen believes perhaps her two nephews had been framed.

The bombs detonated and responsible for the three deaths is something she has never considered her nephews, including her whole family as being any part of. Now, with the media covering every detail, Tamerlan feels a victim, and hopes the matter reveals someone else as the culprit.

Elli Alder

Elli Alder is a seasoned journalist with 12 years experience as a reporter and investigative journalist. While studying journalism at Ryerson, Elli channeled her inter journalist and worked as a beat reporter for the Ryerson Rams.  As a contributor to County Telegram, Elli covers municipal and provincial politics.

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