Temporary Retirement for Justin Bieber?

On Wednesday, Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun addressed the question of retirement in an interview with <i>On Air with Ryan Seacrest</i>.

Braun admitted that he wants Justin to take a break next year after the release of his movie <i>Believe</i> at Christmas. Bieber has also stated in recent interviews that he wants a break. He even when so far as to say “I’m retiring man” when talking to L.A.’s Power 106.

Braun doesn’t mind Bieber continuing to work a little on an album during a break, but he thinks it’s time for the music idol, who has been in the public eye and working nonstop for seven years, to have time for himself.

Usher joined Braun in explaining the reasons why this would be a good decision for Bieber. Among the growing reasons, they mentioned constant camera exposure causing an increasing “bad boy” reputation and his growing lack of trust in people.

In an interview with MTV News, Bieber made it clear that his family would also be a big factor in any decision. “I’ve been away so much. I’ve missed a lot of great years with my brother and sister.”

Scooter Braun: I Want Justin Bieber To ‘Take Next Year Off’

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