Queen for a Day

Just a day after being crowned Miss Universe Canada, Denise Garrido, of Bradford, Ont., was robbed of her accomplishment by a “typo” that happened while the handwritten judges’ rulings were entered into the calculating program. The pageant was held at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts in Toronto.

In fact, Garrido came in fourth to Riza Santos, the runner up.

Garrido had previously won the 2008 Miss Earth Canada and the 2010 Miss World Canada pageants. She stated that “all of the other pageants were building to this one.”

Marwa Ishow, a fellow contestant, said that the she and other competitors were uneasy about the “typo” debacle and that Garrido deserved to win. “How do we know that everything else wasn’t wrong?”

Normally, a lawyer by the name of Nick Macos would input the written scores into the computer, but he wasn’t available this year. Instead, a pageant employee inexperienced with the process was tasked with the transfer and he made the error. A spokesman for Miss Universe Canada said that the person entering the score data is not required to be independent.

Fabricio Loza-Alvarado, a former employee of the organization, said that he’d inquired about these methods and that “every single person who does the calculation needs to be third party.” He feels that his questioning the pageant’s integrity was integral to his being let go.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances and the negativity surrounding the incident that befell her, Garrido has kept her cool. “Being angry would not have changed this situation.”




Elli Alder

Elli Alder is a seasoned journalist with 12 years experience as a reporter and investigative journalist. While studying journalism at Ryerson, Elli channeled her inter journalist and worked as a beat reporter for the Ryerson Rams.  As a contributor to County Telegram, Elli covers municipal and provincial politics.

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