Justin Trudeau Convention Speech Offers Hope, Hard Work

Justin Trudeau, elected leader of Canada’s Liberal Party last April, gave a short but stirring speech to Liberal Party members gathered in Montreal for the opening of their policy convention. Trudeau grew up in a political family, the oldest son of long-time Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and has served as a member of Parliament since 2008. His opening comments, in which he offered listeners hope of a better quality of life for all Canadians if they were willing to work hard, served as a prelude to a more extensive address which is scheduled for the second day of the convention.

Trudeau won the attention of the crowd when he interrupted his remarks to call home, where his wife is expecting the arrival of the couple’s fourth child. An estimated 3,000 Liberals have registered for the three-day convention in order to debate the merits of about 150 different policies. Trudeau’s speech criticized what he called a policy of divisiveness practiced by the current Conservative Harper government, one which he says operates by keeping people fearful as well as divided. He also criticized the Harper government’s recent election reform bill as one designed to discourage Canadians from having a vote.


Aidan Donaldson

Aidan Donaldson is a reporter for County Telegram. After graduating from University of Ottawa, Aidan got an internship at CTV News in Toronto and worked as a reporter and sound engineer. Adman has also worked as a reporter for Maclleans Magazine. Aidan covers entertainment and community events for County Telegram.

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