Austistic Teen Has IQ Higher Than Einstein’s

During his terrible twos, Jacob Barnett’s mother was told by doctors that he would never amount to anything. The young lad suffers from autism and his mother was given the expectation that he would likely never be able to lace his own shoes. Well, Mrs. Barnett didn’t give up on her son and spent her energies on what things he was capable of doing. It was then that she discovered her son had an interest in the stars. He began to display an uncanny ability to retain knowledge about planets. Jacob taught himself Calculus inside of a fortnight. Eventually, his interests led to the discovery of his hidden talent: quantum physics. Now, at age 14 Jacob has obtained a Master’s Degree in Quantum Physics and is working towards his doctorate degree in the same field. In fact, his IQ was determined to be higher than Albert Einstein’s and he’s got the education to prove it. Jacob has also memorized the number PI. While most of us are content with using 3.14159, Jacob knows all 205 digits of the number by heart. His mother simply believes that she found the “spark” inside her child and that every loving parent can do the same for their child.

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