Saskatoon Man Stopped Driving for 197 km/h

On Tuesday night at approximately 8 o’clock in Saskatchewan, Canada, the Saskatoon police pulled over a reckless driver. The 20 year old driver was stopped for driving close to 200 kilometres-per-hour. The driver was traveling in the south part of the city on a roadway named Valley Road. Coincidently at the same time, the Saskatoon police taffic unit was performing some routine radar traffic monitoring. The driver was given a ticket worth close to $800.

The Saskatoon police spokesperson, Alyson Edwards, released statements regarding the safety of the city’s roadways. Edwards stated that the city’s police have received several reports of agressive driving and that the reports are becoming more and more common.

Edwards also shared that the speed limits are posted for a reason. She says that driving 135 km/h or 150 km/h is just too high. These drivers are almost doubling the speed limits and it has become a real big concern for the police. She expressed that driving at such speeds is a danger to the driver and anyone traveling on the roadway. Driving speeds like these is entirely too risky.

The Saskastoon police responded to the 2012 Ford Mustang that was traveling at the speed of a full 197 km/h. The speed limit posted on the roadway in which the drive was traveling clearly stated 90 km/h. The driver was well over the limit and pulled over immediately.

The 2012 Ford Mustang was then seized from the driver by the police officers. The 20 year old driver received a ticket with a fine in the amount of $795. No other charges has been brought against the driver in association to the traffic stop. This stop makes it clear that the Saskatoon police is showing no mercy to traffic violators.

Aidan Donaldson

Aidan Donaldson is a reporter for County Telegram. After graduating from University of Ottawa, Aidan got an internship at CTV News in Toronto and worked as a reporter and sound engineer. Adman has also worked as a reporter for Maclleans Magazine. Aidan covers entertainment and community events for County Telegram.

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