Home Delivery By Canada Post May Be Gone But The Mail Will Still Keep Coming

The days of the walking mail carrier are all but gone. These are memories of days gone by, of a friendly postal carrier that comes to your door every day, to deliver your mail. The age of digital banking and information has made a substantial drop in mail delivery to homes. The Canada Post has determined that they will no longer carry and deliver the private mail, and competitors have recognized and acted on the opportunity to fill this niche.

Canada Post is eliminating the door-to-door mail delivery in favor of community mailboxes for more than five million customers. By the year 2018, there will be over 1.17 million customers redirected to the community mail collection sites. This includes Winnipeg, Halifax, Hamilton, and Montreal’s South Shore. Canada Post will save an estimated $500 per year by eliminating the home deliveries. The cost of individual mail delivery will go from $275 down to $120 per year.

A company called YouHaveMail.ca is taking the steps to take over the delivery of private mail to customers. They plan to launch this service on October 20 in Winnipeg. This initial delivery service will be the testing ground for the success of this project. Providing positive results, the service will extend their delivery area to Fort McMurray, Calgary, and beyond.

This service charges a minimal fee of twenty dollars a month for two day per week delivery, and five-day delivery will cost the consumer almost sixty dollars a month. There is a fee of five dollars to dispose of any junk mail. The concept is that the mail company will use the resident’s community mailbox key to retrieve the mail from the postal boxes, and then deliver it to the individual’s door. The curriers for this company are bonded, insured, and dressed in uniform.


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