Chris Hadfield Reveals His Biggest Fear

Chris Hadfield recently agreed to a speaking engagement in Regina for a Canadian Humanitarian assembly. Speaking to a group of sixth grade boys brought back fond memories of own childhood, and a remembrance of the deep fear that he felt early on in his career. Hadfield knew at around age nine that he wanted to be an astronaut and he never veered from the plan. But the thing he feared most? That he would not enjoy being in space.

The world renowned astronaut reflected on his fearful moments, “I kind of put all my eggs into that basket hoping that I would like it. I was afraid that when I got to space that I wouldn’t enjoy it,” he said. “I thought, ‘Oh man, that would be a disappointment.” Preparing for 26 years gives a man a lot of time to think, but looking back Hadfield realizes that being an astronaut is better than he could have imagined in his greatest dreams.

During a recent interview with Morning Edition, his eyes were filled with wonder and excitement as he tried to convey to host Sheila Coles the experience of being in outer space. “There’s a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction,” he said. “And just the wonder and magic of having the whole world pouring by out your window and being weightless. It was everything this little nine-year-old boy dreamed of.”

The now retired astronaut Chris Hadfield enjoyed his career, is proud of his participation in two space shuttle missions, and relishes every memory of walking in space. Hadfield was the first Canadian astronaut in space and was also the first Canadian to command the International Space Station.

Aidan Donaldson

Aidan Donaldson is a reporter for County Telegram. After graduating from University of Ottawa, Aidan got an internship at CTV News in Toronto and worked as a reporter and sound engineer. Adman has also worked as a reporter for Maclleans Magazine. Aidan covers entertainment and community events for County Telegram.

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